Here’s where you’ll find written content (as much as I like to have conversations, I AM a writer, too). It’s a little tougher to consume while driving*, but the blog posts are still good to take in during other activities.

*Disclaimer: Don’t attempt to read ANYTHING while driving. Seriously. I can’t believe I have to put this here, but now you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Featured Image - your most important campaign - Marketing the Movement - Daniel Bradshaw

Your Most Important Campaign

The most important campaign you’ll ever put together isn’t about checking accounts, certificates, or mortgages. There’s no ad space to buy and the targeting is done for you. Your most important campaign is always for the staff. I...

Featured Image - retail therapy update - Marketing the Movement - Daniel Bradshaw

Retail Therapy

In Ray Davis’ 2007 book, Leading for Growth, the innovative (now retired) CEO of Umpqua Bank says you have to know what business you’re really in. While most financial institutions think they’re in the banking business...