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Enjoy the dulcet tones of Daniel Bradshaw (that’s me) and a variety of leaders inside and outside the credit union movement.

EPISODE 9 - Must-See Social with Glen Stacey - MARKETING THE MOVEMENT

Episode 9: Must-See Social with Glen Stacey

It isn’t the career path he originally planned, but Glen Stacey still gets to be a star. Find out why your credit union needs to think like a media company when it comes to social media and content marketing. Resources mentioned in this...

EPISODE 8 - I Know Different with Dan Marquez - MARKETING THE MOVEMENT

Episode 8: I Know Different with Dan Marquez

I speak with Dan Marquez on topics of diversity, inclusion, representation, and ways credit unions (and marketers) can work towards these ideals authentically. We also discuss the origins of credit union drag queen, Madam Nymphadora. Don’t...

EPISODE 7 - Bigger Isn't Better with Amanda Thomas - MARKETING THE MOVEMENT

Episode 7: Bigger Isn’t Better with Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas (President & Founder of TwoScore) joins me as the first guest on Marketing the Movement. We talk about the importance of small credit unions to the industry, why even tiny (we’re talking microscopic) marketing budgets can...